User Hints

Everybody  needs food, and everybody needs music !!

Music just like food with soft, tough, chewy and vegetarian etc., we serve food

mostly with plates and bowls, and we serve (or carry) music mainly with
loudspeakers. (where, soft = Soft Music, tough = Rock or Metal Music, Chewy
Everlasting Music & vegetarian = Classic or Music Box) 

Different food using different plates or bowls, or even dishes to serve, same for
music, different music need to have different loudspeakers to reproduce the
sound, most common home Hi-Fi loudspeaker is 2-way or 3-way loudspeaker
(with 2 or 3 transducers). Our first range of On-Music loudspeakers, where we
have just launched, is basic, small, portable & “ easy to carry “ TRAVEL
loudspeakers, mainly designed for pop music.

All people have their own taste or own feeling on either food or music, our design
team has carefully designed and adjusted suitable frequency responses on each
of our loudspeaker models. Although each model in frequency response is slightly
different from each other, this can enhance our loudspeakers to suit your individual
or choice. Actually, in our design stage, hundreds of different pop music of
singers were tested carefully with each loudspeaker model.

The battery level of the speaker can be lasted for longer, mainly depends on what
music that you are playing, the size of the installed battery and how loud or
sound volume that you have set of your speaker during playing. The louder of
the speaker and the music with more bass portions will exhaust the battery faster.

That is, the battery can last longer for Easy Listening Music, and shorter for Rock,
Metal & Disco music. For good performance of most amplifiers (like our speakers),
the linear mode is often set at around mid-volume (50% of full power), where
the output music will not be saturated at this mode easily.

Battery of the speaker will easily get dead, if you put your speaker aside for a

long time and not using it. It is better often charge up your speaker, even you are
not using it for a while.
 The battery should still need to charge up full at least one
per three months.

When you unpack our On-Music loudspeaker from the box after your purchase,

please charge up the speaker’s battery FULL before use. This normally will take
at least about two and half hours, and remember to re-charge the battery at least
one per three months for safe, as the Li-battery will only be dead easily for too
low voltage, and not charging often.

Some On-Music Loudspeakers contain an extensible chamber, and the extensible
chamber within the speakers is used to create a remarkable Bass effect, when
being extended, or the chamber can be closed for playing any electronic or
music where high pitch is desired. For closing the chamber, it is
also good for travel and easy storage.

Often play Genuine music, and support music industry. As the music downloaded
from the internet, the quality of music cannot be guarantee, may be distorted,
which will affect your appreciation on how good of our speakers reserved for
you - the Beauty of Sound.

In order to fulfill the personal preference or the own feeling of everybody on music,
the music devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod or MP3 player etc.) usually have an equalizer
to let users adjust the devices to suit their music preference. For testing the real
Quality of Sound from our speakers, the equalizer can be turned off or set to the
Flat mode, and see how we have made the Quality of Sound for our speakers
to you.

For any technical support or after sale service on our loudspeakers, please
contact our Support Team :-