Speaker Operation

1) Q :  Why I cannot play the music through the given USB cable to On-Music
           speakers from my computer ?

     A :  The USB cable provided with the On-Music speaker is a 3 plugs cable,
           one plug is the normal USB plug, the other are mini
 USB plug and 3.5mm
           audio plug. The normal USB plug is used for charging the speaker only,
           and this plug cannot transfer
 any data or music to your speaker.  You
           need to use 3.5mm audio plug for music transfering from your computer
           or music
device to the speaker. The mini USB plug is used to connect
           the speaker for charging up with normal USB plug , or as a
music input
           with 3.5mm audio plug.

2) Q :  Why I cannot adjust the volume of On-Music speakers ?
     A :  Some On-Music speakers are using combined control on volume and
           tracking selection, you need to hold the switch
either side for more than
           1 to 2 second to enter the volume control state, while continues holding
           the switch at either
 side, the volume will increase or decrease slowly
           depending on which side of switch is hold continuously.
 For tracking
           selection, you only has a quick stroke ( <  1 to 2 second ) to the switch
           on either side to select next
 tracking or previous tracking at your desire.

3) Q :  How can I connect two music devices (say iPhone & iPod) to a Brio via
     A :  Each music device (e.g. iPhone or iPod) can only connect one bluetooth
           device at a time normally, and each bluetooth device has its own unique
           address for connection. Once connected successfully between the music
           device (say iPhone) and bluetooth device (here is Brio), "On-Music Brio"
           will be added to the Bluetooth Device List of your iPhone, which is used
           to have an easy connection for the next time of connection, where just
           only enable iPhone bluetooth function first and turn on the Brio power,
           they will connect together automatically under normal circumstance.

           If you want to connect this Brio to another music device, say iPod, you
           need to disable iPhone bluetooth function, and turn off Brio power, in order
           to break the existing bluetooth connection, and make Brio available again.
           Then turn on Brio power again, and enable iPod bluetooth function,
           On-Music Brio should be found by your iPod during searching, and you just
           make and confirm the connection, now iPod is bluetooth connected with
           your Brio. "On-Music Brio" will also be added to the Bluetooth Device List of
           your iPod, and same will be applied as above.

4) Q :  I have few Brio, and I found it is hard to connect them via bluetooth?
     A :  As each Brio has an unique address for connection, but the device name
           shown within your music device (say iPhone) the same - On-Music Brio,
           it is hard to tell which Brio is connected with your iphone, so this is why
           you found hard to make connection again, even you press for bluetooth
           connection at your iPhone, no connection can be made.

           The rule of thumb is to Delete all On-Music devices from your iPhone at the
           Bluetooth Device List, also disable the bluetooth function of your iPhone,
           turn off the Brio power, and start it over again from the beginning.
           Remember to enable bluetooth of your music device and power on Brio,
           one pair at a time for bluetooth connecting, never turn on so many Brio
           and enable many music devices all together, which will make you more
           difficult, as only one Brio can be bluetooth connected to one music
           device or your iPhone / iPod.

5) Q :  Why I cannot have the hand free with my Brio?
     A :  When your music device (say iPhone) is bluetooth connected with Brio,
           and music is playing, if any incoming phone call arrived, the music will
           stop and your ring tone will be sound by Brio. You can press the
           combined control (i.e. volume control switch) of Brio inward, if you want to
           answer the call by hand free, then your incoming call can be answered
           through Brio. If you press the call key of your iPhone instead of combined
           control on Brio, then Brio will be silence, and you can talk with your phone
           as normal and privately, without gone through Brio.

6) Q :  Why everytime I turn on On-Music Loudspeakers and play music, I found
           the sound level is low?
     A :  We have set the volume level of Brio to the medium, everytime you turn
           on Brio, and play music, in order to let you adjust your own desired
           volume by yourself. For some other models, we will record your last
           setting of volume level within the speaker, and next time, you turn up
           the speaker, the same or previous volume level has been reserved
           for you.

7) Q :  Why Ben's LED light up with blue after full charging, instead of light off?
     A :  As there are two designs of Ben, one design the LED will light off, and the
           other design the light will turn blue from red, after battery full charging.
           Both designs are good and working fine, though light off is shown in the
           user manual, and also, both versions will give the same quality of sound. 

8) Q :  How can I bluetooth connect with Brio automatically?
     A :  Once you have bluetooth connected Brio by the first time successfully, and
           "On-Music Brio" is within your phone Bluetooth Device List. You just enable
           your bluetooth music device first, say your smart phone, and turn on the
           power of Brio afterward. The Brio should be bluetooth connected
           automatically with your smart phone. 

9) Q :  If I cannot find useful answer to my question in this section, where can I
           find further help from On-Music?
     A :  You are welcomed to contact us directly through Email as below, and our
           Marketing Team is willing to answer any question from you:-