Product Warranty

Limited Warranty

If within 12 months of purchase On-Music Loudspeakers or any part thereof
is proven to be defective * by reason of faulty workmanship or defects in
materials, we will at our option repair or replace the same free of charge of
labour or materials on condition that :-

1) The original invoice or sales receipt with the date of purchase, and stamped
    from the dealer is presented together with the defective unit, or your
    product has been registered for warranty and having your information
    within our database.

2) The warranty does not cover Product failures which have been caused by use
    of accessories from other peripheral devices which are not On-Music branded
    original accessories intended for use with the product.

3) The warranty does not cover Product failures caused by :

    Modification, repaired, and disassembled by any person who is not authorized
    by the manufacturer.

4) The built-in battery of the loudspeakers will be treated separately, please
    contact us directly.

Any defective unit or part shall become property of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, drop, hit or neglect.

Depending on the nature of defect, a delivery fee may be charged for any unit

Any product defect found, please contact the sale point first, where you have
purchased the product from, in order to verify the failure status of your product.
Or you can contact our On-Music Team directly through Email to

We will do our best for helping you to solve any of the problem found.

The Registration for your Product Warranty

1) If your On-Music product is purchased from our official Online Store
    - , you are our Online Store member, no registration
    for warranty is required, as all your information are within our database.
    Your purchased product will be automatically entitled for 12 months
    warranty started from the date of purchase.

    However, you are still required to present your original invoice for applying
    your product warranty, when any problem found on your purchased product.

2) If your On-Music product is purchased from the other places (mainly through
    our authorized distributors) rather than our official Online Store
    - , you are required to register your product before the
    product can be entitled for any product warranty from us.

    You are required to submit the following information to us within a month
    for the registration, after your purchase, counted from the day of purchase :-

    - your name;
    - which model that you have purchased;
    - where the purchase has been taken;
    - Day of purchase;
    - the number of your original official invoice or sales receipt;
    - your contact details - your Email address.

    OR simply you can take a photo of your original invoice or sales receipt of
    your purchased product to us, where most of the information mentioned
    above may be covered, except your name and your contact details.

    Please send the information to our Email :-

3) We will enter your sent information into our datebase for record. However,
    you are still required to present the same original invoice, that you have
    submitted the number to us, for applying your product warranty, when
    any problem found on your purchased product.

4) If you are failed to register your On-Music product with us for the warranty,
    we will have the absolute right to withdraw your product warranty, and
    the product will be lost any support or after sale service and protection
    from us. There may be a charge for product inspection, repair, replacement
    & delivery etc. for your un-registered On-Music product. 

*  The definition of product defects
    We mainly concentrate the major product defect, which is the operation or
    function of On-Music loudspeakers, e.g. cannot turn on/off, malfunction or no
    sound etc. and the other defects (e.g. product appearance, mis-colour or
    mis-alignment etc.) will be regarded as minor defects.